Siri Validation Data and Access Token

Well Apple did some changes this week in the Siri protocol let analyse them

1. Apple sends a set activation token that is ignored by most devices using Spire, including the 4s
This doesn't affect much devices except that sometimes when they connect to other servers they need to delete the assistant.plist. Why? I gues because it wasn't activated before or something like that. Need more time to analyze the packets and find out why! (I was currently focused on the Validation expiration system)

2.The validation expiration

  • Some time before when a device used invalid or expired 4s data and made a request to guzzoni servers, Guzzoni replied with Validation Expired or command Failed.
    This made it easy for proxies to detect these relies and set the invalid 4s key as expired!
  • Apple changed the above method, in my opinion due to similar to DDOS attacks behavior when the Validation data where invalid!
    Now Guzzoni wont reply back to packets that have invalid or expired validation thus making it hard to detect invalid keys.

I made a work around this and i can find witch keys have expired with the help of packet analysis!
Lets see how this works: 

1. A device makes a request with a valid key. 
  • Apple sends the activation token
  • The proxy server detects the token and increases the total activation tokens for this key by one
2. A device makes a request with an invalid key

  • Apple wont send the activation token
  • The proxy server detects a finishspeech (waiting for recognition) request without an activation token, and increases the finishspeech requests for this key by one
3. When the Finishspeech requests are more than the sensitivity nubmer (5) and NO activation token is recieved then the key is marked as expired! 

In short, if a key is used and apple wont reply back after some tries (sensitivity) then the key is marked as expired. 
Its a complicated algo and this is a very short description of how this works!



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